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About us

What do we do?

At Kriya Studio, we thread stories.

From sketch to stitch our purpose at Kriya Studio, is to tell stories. 

Our threaded stories celebrate everyday life. We are inspired by the beauty of the commonplace.

A gulmohar tree, aflame in springtime, the ubiquitous kali peeli taxi cab, Amma’s beautiful old and frayed saree. We see from our hearts, and craft devotedly with our hands. We romance ‘the everyday’ to create beautiful, eclectic and nostalgic textile products.

We are a home furnishing and accessories brand, expressing ourselves through crafted and embellished textile products. Our stories are handcrafted skilfully by our dextrous craftsmen using a variety of innovative techniques in print, embroidery and stitch creating an interplay and juxtaposition of the old and the new. We focus on dedicated efforts to limit our environmental footprint by repurposing materials and resources.

We are based in ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’ and take pride in our provenance. 

Come join in, our story circle. Tell us your story and let us add to your’s…

Why do I do what I do?

Because of my love for exploring material. 

 To cut, dye, manipulate, embellish, tear, distort, stitch, overstitch and re-contextualise various influences. In one’s lifetime as a textile designer, one comes across a very large body of work over centuries. Everything imaginable, every natural reference and now modern references have been translated into textile patterns and surfaces. And most of them are so perfect and have such a distinguishable identity, one wondered how could you borrow and add a signature? That’s what I am attempting to do- to borrow and add my signature while remaining true to the source. 

I firmly believe that design is a collaborative process between the designer and the craftsmen as we manipulate, embellish and re-contextualise the traditional into unconventional, unique product solutions. In a world of mass produced goods we want our products to be refreshing with values of provenance, history and accountability.